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Well, this year is looking a bit different for Trifreedom!

They cancelled our regular Half Ironman Triathlon in Port Macquarie in October. They combined it with Ironman in May which made it impossible for us to take a team. Not to worry though as just because it looks different doesn’t mean it’s not going to be awesome!

There’s still heaps happening so here’s a bit of info on what and how you can get involved.

August is a big month as we head into Tamworth running festival where we will have heaps of people running/walking in all events wearing their Trifreedom shirts as they raise awareness for the fight against Human Trafficking.

If you would like to do this you will need to get your entry in before Thursday 6pm (via the Tamworth Tri Club website) and flick me an email to see if I have shirts in your size in stock.

Then on the 12th and 13th August we have Shine women’s conference hosted by Northwest Church where we will be looking at our 1 Walks Free project. In October we have a team of 10 girls walking 53km in 3 days on the Great Ocean Road.

We will be handing out nearly 400 money tins to raise money for this project so you can take your tin and do whatever you like to raise money and awareness for this fight. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 which is roughly what it costs to rescue and restore the life of 1 victim of Human Trafficking.

Of course if we can raise more than that it would be awesome. I truly believe we can! If you can’t come to the conference but would like to hold your own fundraising event email us via the website and we can get a tin to you and a resource pack.

If this is something you would like to do in the future register your interest with us at Shine conference or via the website.

People can also donate directly to this project via the website or buy a 1 Walks Free T shirt which will also help raise money and awareness.

Remember your donations are tax deductable.

We still have our netball teams and our kids indoor soccer teams going. I just love how people use the things they love to make a difference!

On September 17th we have our Black Tie Blingo evening which will also raise money for 1 walks free. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this please contact us.

Then on September 18 we have Trifreedom Sunday at Northwest Church. A21 will be here and will speak in both our 10am and 6pm services. We will also have some merchandise available and we will present our $50,000 cheque to them from our 2015 fundraising efforts! That takes us to well over $200,000 raised and donated to A21!

Even if you don’t attend church please feel free to come along to one of these services and hear from A21. You are welcome this day and any day at Northwest Church.

We had a very successful Hole in one Golf comp at Tamworth Golf Club! Again a great way people can use what they love to make a difference.

I will be going to Another local school in September to chat to the kids about Human Trafficking and how Australia is involved and how they can assure they are safe when traveling. We will also talk about how simple decisions in everyday life can contribute to the issue. If you would like a speaker from Trifreedom please email us.

So there’s an update. Remember you can help in heaps of ways. Talk to your friends about the issue. Check out our Merch store and become a walking billboard. We will never really know the ripple effect we will have collectively as we all do something to help make a difference.

Thanks in advance.

Mia and the Trifreedom Team. x

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