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2014 Wrap Up...Bring on 2015!

Wow! We had another big year in 2014! We wrapped it up with our yearly celebration lunch on the 22nd March where we got to hear from some of the Guys that work for A21. It was great to hear about the progress that has been made because of supporters like Trifreedom and also what was the greatest need that faces us today. They were blown away by Trifreedom and the heart behind it! On this day we also had Trifreedom Sunday at Northwest church where we got to hear from the guys from A21 in both our services. They were great messages! We gave them our 2014 cheque of $50,000! What a great effort! We have donated a total of about $170,000 over the 4 years! I can’t imagine the help this has provided and how many rescues this has contributed to! We also drew our Harley-Davidson Motorbike sponsor raffle. See the last blog for more detail on this. We are now selling the motorbike that Singles Builders donated back to us which will give us a great head start in our fundraising for this year. Thanks again to all those that supported this raffle! There was lots that went on in 2014. · We now have 7 Tamworth netball teams that play in our supporter gear to help raise awareness for the fight against Human Trafficking. · We had a great successful Hole in one comp at Tamworth Golf Club which raised over $2000. · We had 3 teams compete in Suck it up Buttercup in Tamworth. · We now have this awesome new website that Amy Allerton from Sublime websites put together · We have our awesome Trifreedom Marquee and flags that has definitely helped raise awareness and also enabled people to come up and find out more about Trifreedom and the cause and join our team. · We continued to visit schools in Tamworth and talk about Trifreedom, Human Trafficking and how everyone can make a difference. · We had the opportunity to talk to health care workers and provide tools that they can use to identify possible victims and who to contact for advice with regards to all aspects of Human Trafficking. · We took a team of 120 people to Port Macquarie half Ironman to race in our major event for the year. Our team has grown from 11 people in the first year to 120 people in 2014! I can’t wait to see what it will look like this year as we head to Port again on October 18 this year. · We had a team of about 18 people from Brisbane that raced with us and raised about $18,000!! · We have some great kids that want to start Trifreedom Kids! Watch this space! · We will now start getting our names on paper to start getting our team together. Please contact us via email if you would like to race with Trifreedom at Port this year. Please also contact us if you would like to get involved in any way at all this year. There are many ways to do this like having your own fundraising event, morning tea or whatever you are creative enough to come up with, check out our supporter gear on the website, talk to people about Human Trafficking as chances are they don’t know about it! You can come to our events, donate money to Trifreedom or anything else you can think of! Also check out our awesome clip that Matt Spence put together from race day footage and if you would like to purchase a photo book from race day with all the team in it contact us. They are $20 and thanks to Tamworth Camera Club for taking all the photos and Lisa Maatsoo that put this together. We can all make a difference with what we are good at and love doing and this was evident more than ever this year. Thanks to all that were involved. It is not possible without each and every one of you, including our awesome sponsors! Please check out the sponsor page, there are links to these businesses on there. We are excited heading into organisations for 2015! Let’s make it bigger and better than ever before! Mia. x

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