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2014 TriFreedom Sponsorship Raffle

With race weekend well and truly in the past now we move into Christmas and what an exciting time of year! So as we head towards the new year here’s a quick update on what we are up to with Trifreedom. We have started working on the photobook as we reflect on race day. We will also do up a slideshow of the past 12 months which will be available for anyone for a small cost. More info to come. We have also started thinking about our celebration lunch which will be the 22nd March 2015 at Tangaratta Vineyards. Last year this was a great day where we got to hear from representatives from A21 about what the latest is and where our fundraising is helping in this fight against Human Trafficking. We also heard from a few of the people involved in Trifreedom and their thoughts. We get a chance to come together and have a relax and say thank you to all people involved including sponsors, competitors and the people behind the scenes. This year we have a sponsor raffle which is a Harley-Davidson Street Bob. It’s on display at Bikes and Bits on Goonoo Goonoo road and you can purchase tickets through them or you can contact me through the trifreedom website. There are only 60 tickets available and to sponsor Trifreedom and receive a ticket it is $600. The bike is beautiful and worth $25,000. Pretty good odds with only 60 tickets! Thanks to Bikes and Bits for their support with this. Be sure to pop in and have a look. You won’t miss it as it’s on a platform on the floor with a big sign and details of what tickets are sold. Thanks again to everyone involved with Trifreedom this year, the Harley is our last fundraiser before we tally up how much we have raised for 2014 which we hand over to A21 at the celebration lunch. It’s been another great year with 120 competitors this year that competed at Port Macquarie half ironman along with many supporters that also help it all happen. Have a wonderful Christmas to you all. On behalf of Trifreedom we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Because of your involvement in the Trifreedom charity there are many many lives that have been rescued and changed in a massive way. In the 4 years Trifreedom has been partnering with A21 we have donated over $110,000 and this does not include our 2014 efforts! Thank you again! Be sure to save the date for the Celebration Lunch on 22nd March 2015! Mia.

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