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2014 Race Day Wrap Up

Wow! What a great weekend at Port last weekend! Everyone did so great and everyone I spoke to had a great time! It was so exciting to see about 120 people out there racing as the Trifreedom team. It was never too long out on course before you saw a team mate.

We definitely raised some much needed awareness for our cause! It probably seems like tiny steps but all the little steps we take adds up to a big difference we are making. I think about the women and children and also the men involved in this crime. My heart still breaks when I think of kids as young as my beautiful 8 year old daughter who are forced into prostitution and a life that is not really comprehendable to us. It also breaks for the parents that don’t know where their babies are or what they are going through. Human Trafficking is a hideous crime and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

Thank you with all my heart to those that are involved in Trifreedom. I don’t think we can actually realise the difference we are making in helping abolish this crime. The great thing about this is we actually are doing it while doing something we enjoy! (except when the pain and soreness kicks in J)

It’s such a priviledge to be involved in Trifreedom. I really love it. We have a great bunch of people who are coming together and we are making a stand! Keep your eye out for video footage, photos etc coming up. There is a short snippet of video on the website to tide you over while we are working on a longer presentation. Photo book is also in the making.

We will have a lunch in March to celebrate and hear from A21 about what our money will go towards. More info soon. Any other photos that you think might be good from race weekend please forward to the email address on the website - especially supporter photos because everyone involved is as important as each other and sometimes we have not many photos of our much needed support crew. We will also keep you posted on how much money we are up to in our fundraising. We are raffling a Harley Davidson so more info on that too. Lot’s happening!! Feel free to write a blog here with feedback from the weekend or regarding anything else. Still got some spare race gear available if anyone wants to contact me to purchase. Mia.

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